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TarighatPanah Family (Founder)

TarighatPanah Family (Founder)
TarighatPanah Family (Founder)

When he decided to return to his homeland, he knew that one day he would return to his homeland with more experience and knowledge. For the oldest born of human civilization. Gifts called wisdom and creativity.
Yes! After completing his studies in the United States and returning to his homeland, Engineer Mansour Tarighatpanah undertook various activities in the field of entrepreneurship and industry, including the establishment of the Negin Kashmir Carpet Industries Company.
The father's love for new activities in this field gradually attracted family members to this collection, so much so that this new movement found three young companions.
First, Saeed Tarighatpanah, an MBA graduate who, in addition to putting his knowledge into practice in the business management processes of the collection, has also taken great strides in mechanizing the company's production methods and systemic processes.
Hesam Tarighatpanah, another son of the company's founder, as a creative artist, was able to bring his ideas in the field of carpet design to the forefront, as many of the company's popular products are the result of the efforts of this carpet designer.
But the presence of Mahsa Tarighatpanah as a painter and carpet designer in this collection has caused, in addition to taste and charm, a special feminine elegance and delicacy to be injected into the company's designs.